The king of cool

Nicknamed the “King of Cool” for his undisciplined reputation, his carefree attitude, and his nonchalant class, Steve McQueen became an influential icon. Starting at the top of his fame in the 60s to date, his personality is still fascinating fashion universe.

From ready-to-wear to design, or from perfumery to watchmaking, his aura is today a true brand in harmony with our times.

The STEVE MCQUEEN EYEWEAR brand is born in 2019. MMC’EYEWEAR signs an exclusive license agreement for the development of a collection of optical eyewear. Commercialization in early 2020.

“If you fight for what you love, you’ll never lose.”



The creation

Gilles Macaluso has been involved in the optical industry since his childhood through his studies in the field. He quickly became a sales representative for designer brands and specified his ambitions in 2004 by creating his own company specialized in the distribution of these collections.

In 2016, birth of the MMC’Eyewear company to develop its own eyewear collections under official licenses.

In 2018, the project around the spirit of Steve McQueen is born, with the desire to perpetuate the legend of this freedom-loving man.

The STEVE MCQUEEN EYEWEAR collection will be completed in 2019; eyewear with a chic and elegant style, a heritage from the 1960s and 1970s that is perfectly up-to-date.

The legend
Steve McQueen

During the 1960s, Steve McQueen left his mark on people’s minds, embodying the perfect “anti-hero” with his undisciplined nature and nonchalant style.

For more than a generation, he was an iconic film character desired by every production studio and quickly became an emblematic and inspirational figure in ready-to-wear fashion.

His originality still inspires many designers today wearing casual and sophisticated collections, and capturing Steve McQueen’s carefree attitude and masculinity.

Official brand

The various models of our STEVE MCQUEEN EYEWEAR brand are certified under official license.
This authentication accomplishes an intense and passionate work to guarantee the quality of our products. An exclusive license agreement has been signed in March 2019.

Know-how / Values

With over 25 years of experience in the optics universe through the MMC’Eyewear company, STEVE MCQUEEN EYEWEAR is now standing alongside the major eyewear manufacturers, highlighting its uniqueness and originality.

The values promoted by the company celebrate this spirit of sharing and love within a mixed and multi-generational community.

Impregnated by the ideals and character of this legendary character, MMC’EYEWEAR perpetuates a certain level of high standards by maintaining family values, friendship and simplicity, with that rebellious and spontaneously elegant touch of Steve McQueen’s spirit.


Eyewear collection

Our range is composed of nearly twenty models, each more original and sophisticated than the last, once again propelling the brand alongside the biggest names.

Our goal is to create timeless designs, discreet or strong, inspired by the tastes of Steve McQueen.

Our extensive experience in eyewear allows us to offer frames with great comfort and an originality that appeals to a mixed clientele of all ages.

Selected materials

All the frames are developed and conceptualized in France, for a significant authenticity in reference to Steve McQueen, displaying lines that are as vintage as they are elegant.

The materials are carefully selected: the stainless steel metal with Titanium treatment is made in Japan and the plastics are made of cellulose acetate. All parts are assembled by hand in Asia, offering the quality finishes demanded by the brand.

These materials of choice allow the realization of light and pleasant to wear models, providing this unique feeling of freedom.