Wearing optical glasses or sunglasses designed by Steve McQueen Eyewear is a statement of style with elegance and simplicity.

We are creators but also craftsmen who care about the visual health of our customers because we believe that seeing well means living better.


Steve McQueen Eyewear is first and foremost the meeting of two men in the 20’s, sharing a passion for vintage cars, especially the Porsche Speedster 356, the iconic car that Steve McQueen bought with his early earnings as an actor.

But it's also a mutual interest in the Californian aesthetics of the sixties and seventies, the rebellious spirit of American counterculture, and for the man who embodied it with charm and conviction: Steve McQueen.


In 2019, faced with the frenzied use of images and the name of Steve McQueen, his descendants decided to trademark Steve McQueen to have better control over its use.
That same year, the founders presented their project to the McQueen family. They appreciated the respectful approach to the star's image and signed an exclusive licensing agreement for the creation and distribution of optical frames.


Our primary concern is the people who will wear our glasses and the eyes they will protect. To achieve this, we have assembled a team from diverse backgrounds because we believe in different perspectives, sharing expertise, and impressions. We strive to design glasses that stand the test of time and take care of the visual health of those who wear them.


Quality and beauty matter, especially when they are timeless, and every detail counts.
We wanted the freedom to oversee every stage of the design of our frames and glasses to offer you the best. It's also a great responsibility. Elegance should never outweigh comfort or eye protection. As Leonardo da Vinci said, 'Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.' We precisely aim to offer perfection, but without pretension.