Steve McQueen Eyewear
Nicknamed the “King of Cool” for his undisciplined reputation, his carefree attitude, and his nonchalant class, Steve McQueen became an influential icon. Starting at the top of his fame in the 60s to date, his personality is still fascinating fashion universe.

From ready-to-wear to design, or from perfumery to watchmaking, his aura is today a true brand in harmony with our times.

The STEVE MCQUEEN EYEWEAR brand was born in 2019 from the collaboration of two complementary friends: Gilles Macaluso and Pierre Meguetounif. They join their strengths to perpetuate the Steve McQueen legend and reveal their very first eyewear collection the same year.

“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”


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Discover the Carmel

Carmel, a town located on the west coast of the United States, where Steve owned his vacation home. This house was a private place that he cherished, a family home for his family and friends.
This cellulose acetate frame will take you to the Steve McQueen universe.

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Hand crafted

All the frames are developed and conceptualized in France, for a significant authenticity in reference to Steve McQueen, displaying lines that are as vintage as they are elegant.

The materials are manufactured in Japan, with the first half of the collection made of stainless steel with a Titanium treatment. The second half is made from cellulose acetate. Finally, there is a screw set from Germany.

All parts are hand-assembled in Asia, offering high quality components and finishes specially tailored to the brand. These materials of choice aspire to lightweight and comfortable to wear models, providing that unique feeling of freedom.

SMQ eyewear in a few figures

Steve McQueen Eyewear, French designer of exceptional frames with a strong global presence with many retailers. Its authenticity and design make it a recognized brand among opticians today.


Brand creation. Though SMQ Eyewear is a young brand, it already markets its products worldwide under official license.


Resellers all over the world.


Pair of glasses designed with attention to detail.

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